Route News 2024

Changes to bus services in and around Peterborough (latest items first). For older news see the Archive page.

For details of temporary route diversions and changes (due to roadworks, special events, weather etc) see the local Stagecoach page, Delaine's Twitter page, First's Current Issues page for Excel alterations, and Vectare's Twitter page.

Talk on Peterborough's Trams - March 7th

bullet Not exactly route news, but some of you might be interested in an illustrated talk on Peterborough's trams and tram routes which is happening on Thursday March 7th at 7pm, as part of the local Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS) programme. Stagecoach in Peterborough has a direct line back to the Peterborough Electric Traction Company, and in fact the trams operated from what is now the Lincoln Road bus depot.

bullet As well as the trams and the people who ran them, the talk will explore the three tram routes with plenty of photos of Peterborough as it was over a hundred years ago. We will also look at the horse buses that preceded the trams, and the motor buses that replaced them. The venue is St Luke's Church on Mayors Walk, and you can find further details here.


New Vectare route 25 from 2nd January (and R4 reissued)

bullet Vectare is to introduce a new route from January 2nd running between Queensgate and the Alwalton Hill Industrial Estate, which is situated south of the Orton South Interchange on Fletton Parkway. On some maps the area is also shown as Peterborough Gateway and is home to the likes of the LIDL Regional Distribution Centre, also Amazon's 'DPE2' delivery depot opened in 2021. Like Vectare's existing route 24, new route 25 will run along Oundle Road, and most journeys will also divert into Orton Waterville to serve Church Drive. The handful of journeys that omit Church Drive are numbered 25X, whilst there is also one shortworking to Church Drive numbered 25A.

bullet Remarkably the new service will run on seven days a week, with journeys starting as early as 0520 from Queensgate, even at weekends. There will also be late evening journeys - see the Routes page for the full timetable, also a map of the route.

bullet From the same date the R4 timetable is reissued and will no longer run between Christmas and New Year (including this Christmas) or during August due to low demand. Timings are unchanged as far as Peterborough is concerned, other than a two minute later arrival in Uppingham.