Bus Maps

  Location Map showing Queensgate Bus Station, Acland Street, and the railway station.

   Rural Bus Map    Routes around Peterborough - specially produced for this website. Revised Sept. 2021
   Busatlas.uk    My atlas of principal inter-urban bus routes (in progress).
   Bustimes.org. map    Realtime bus locations from Bustimes.org.

From Stagecoach website:
   Peterborough city network   Note that the extension of route 5 from Cardea to the Amazon Distribution Centre is not shown.
   Stagecoach Rural network   Now somewhat out of date (e.g. Peterborough - Huntingdon - St Ives is now 904).
   Whittlesey map

From Delaine website:
   Route 101/2
   Route 201/2
   Route 301/2
   Delaine network

Specially produced for this website:
   Map of Werrington Bus Routes

From Cambs CC website:
   Peterborough and Cambridgeshire - interactive bus map