Peterborough Bus Times - Celebrating 20 Years!

Easy-to-use bus timetables for Peterborough, England. Use the menu on left to click on Routes for full timetables (usually in pdf format). The lists of departures to/from City or Country destinations are currently not being updated due to frequent changes to services during the pandemic. Established in 2000, this unofficial website was the first to feature timetables covering the whole area. Also includes bus maps, ticket information, and rail fares to London.

This and my other web pages are maintained in my spare time. I do my best to keep it up to date but cannot guarantee the information. Happy Travelling!  Brendan Fox.

To celebrate 20 Years of Peterborough Bus Times, here is a peek at my first efforts from Summer 2000!

Latest Updates (see News for details)

[04/09/2020] From August 30th Stagecoach B is replaced by 904 running hourly between Peterborough and St Ives (change for Cambridge) and there is a new X4 timetable reflecting the reopening of the river bridge at Oundle. School service 38 is renumbered 608 whilst Sawtry school route 46 is withdrawn; Centrebus 47 is now only for students with termly tickets and certain Delaine journeys are also restricted to students. Hamiltons and Buckby's 206 recommenced September 3rd. Face coverings are compulsory on buses and trains and Stagecoach has an exact fare policy for the time being. Please see the ROUTES page for all the latest timetables. The eastern side of the bus station continues to be closed due to Queensgate building work; many Stagecoach services have moved to a temporary bus station in Acland Street bus park.  NEW FEATURE: Peterborough Rural Bus Map (updated September 2020).

For details of temporary route diversions and changes (due to roadworks, special events, weather etc) see the local Stagecoach page, Delaine's Twitter page, also First's Current Issues page for the Excel service.

Events and Partner Links

The next Fenland Busfest is planned to take place at Whittlesey on Sunday 16th May 2021, the 2020 event having been cancelled.
The Delaine Heritage Trust has cancelled all 2020 events but is planning a bus running day on Saturday 25th September 2021. The Delaine Bus Museum is currently closed but it is hoped that normal opening hours (second Saturday of the month March to October) can recommence on Saturday 13th March 2021.

Peterborough Ate My Hamster
Wednesday 15th July saw the World Premiere of Lamphouse Theatre's new musical comedy, Peterborough Ate My Hamster. A hamster goes missing, the Mayor's plot is foiled and Peterborough is changed forever. This new project follows on from their hilarious weekly live streams which included Macbeth from their Suitcase Shakespeare series, War of the Worlds (on a budget), Musical the Musical Musical, CSI Cambridgeshire, Super Hero and many more. For a small monthly contribution subscribe to LAMPHOUSE ON DEMAND to see these and a host of past productions such as Jungle Book and This is Peterborough, their one hour romp about the history of our marvellous city. Go to the theatre by staying in and supporting Lamphouse!