Rail and Coach Fares 2008
London for the day

Comparison of return fares for a day trip from Peterborough to London.
All of the rail tickets (except NXEC advance singles) can be purchased on the day of travel.

FCC: First Capital Connect
NXEC: National Express East Coast (successor to GNER)

Note: First Capital Connect (FCC) tickets are valid only on FCC trains.

Ticket First Departure* Arrives London* Fare Tube and bus # Returning*
National Express coach 0740 1020 14.00 - Last coach 1800 (2030 Fri/Sun)
FCC Cheap Day Return 0845 1002 20.00 - Not between 1630 and 1901 Mon-Fri
FCC Off-peak Day Travelcard 0845 1002 25.00 Included Not between 1630 and 1901 Mon-Fri
FCC Family Travelcard
(min 1 adult + 1 child; max 2 adults + 4 children)
0845 1002 21.50 per adult
+ 2.00 per child
Included Not between 1630 and 1901 Mon-Fri
FCC Saver return 0915 1022 30.80 - Not between 1730 and 1830 Mon-Fri
FCC Standard Open return Any FCC - 40.00 - Any FCC train
FCC Day Travelcard Peak Any FCC - 46.00 Included Any FCC train
NXEC Cheap Day Return 1008 1110 24.60 - Not between 1555 and 1901 Mon-Fri
NXEC Off-peak Day Travelcard 1008 1110 27.80 Included Not between 1555 and 1901 Mon-Fri
NXEC Saver Return 1035 1129 35.50 -- Not between 1457 and 1859 Mon-Fri
Business Saver 0926 1025 54.00 - Any train
Standard Open Any train - 77.00 - Any train
NXEC Travelcard Peak Any train - 82.20 Included Any train
First Open Any train - 106.00 - Any train

* No restrictions on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays (timings may vary). Restrictions relate to scheduled departure times, not actual departure times.
# All Underground, National Rail, DLR and bus services in zones 1-6.

Also available - NXEC Advance Singles:
If you can plan ahead and know exactly when you want to travel, Advance Singles may be worth considering. The price is generally from 16.00 each way and if you book far enough ahead they may be available for travel from Peterborough as early as 0850. Similarly, you may be able to get them for trains leaving London in the evening peak. You have to buy them in advance from the NXEC website. Availability is limited so you get more choice of departures if you book early. You are restricted to the trains you specify, so you can't catch an earlier or later train. You can have the tickets posted, or you can elect to pick them up from the station.

   Valid from January 2nd 2008.   [Comparison with 2007 2006 2005]