Queensgate and Acland Street Bus Stations

Queensgate Bus Station can be accessed from Westgate (opposite Westgate Church) and from Bourges Boulevard (near Cowgate), also during shopping hours from inside the Queensgate Shopping Centre (near John Lewis). To walk from the Railway Station, turn right out of the station entrance and follow the road round to the left, then take the footbridge over the dual carriageway and proceed through the doors into Queensgate Shopping Centre, where (on the right) you will see an escalator down to the bus station. When the Shopping Centre is closed, turn right after the footbridge and walk round to the end of the bus station. When walking from the railway station you can avoid the footbridge by taking the marked path on the right just before the multi-story car park, which leads to an underpass. Walking time from the railway station to the bus station is 5 to 10 minutes, from the bus station to the Cathedral is 10 to 15 minutes.

Beware - drivers cannot always get onto the designated bay and buses may depart from an adjacent Bay.

Information - although there are electronic information screens and timetable displays, there is no longer a manned information kiosk at the bus station. There is a small Visitor Information Centre inside the Town Hall in Bridge Street (limited bus information) but for bus pass renewals the City Council's Customer Service Centre is located next to the Town Hall and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Temporary Bus Station - From March 9, 2020, the eastern side of the bus station has closed for approximately 18 months for building work in connection with Queensgate Shopping Centre. Many bus services have relocated to a temporary bus station in Acland Street bus park, approximately 4 minutes walk from the bus station. Stagecoach Citi routes 1, 2, 3 and 5, also X4 will remain in the bus station. The changes are listed below and further details from Stagecoach can be found here.

Changes to Departure Bays from March 9, 2020  

Stagecoach citi 1 to OrtonQueensgate Bay 3 (unchanged)
Stagecoach citi 1 to Millfield, Walton, WerringtonQueensgate Bay 6 (previously Bay 14)
Stagecoach citi 2 to Longthorpe, South Bretton, Bretton CentreQueensgate Bay 1 (unchanged)
Stagecoach citi 2 to Paston, GunthorpeQueensgate Bay 8 (previously Bay 13)
Stagecoach citi 3 to North Bretton, Bretton CentreQueensgate Bay 2 (unchanged)
Stagecoach citi 3 to Stanground, Park FarmQueensgate Bay 5 (unchanged)
Stagecoach citi 4 to Netherton, City HospitalAcland Street Bay 4 (previously Queengate Bay 1A)
Stagecoach citi 4 to Newark, ParnwellAcland Street Bay 2 (previously Queengate Bay 16)
Stagecoach citi 5 to Eastfield Road, Dogsthorpe or WellandQueensgate Bay 1A (previously Bay 12)
Stagecoach citi 5 to Stanground, Cardea or YaxleyQueensgate Bay 7 (unchanged)
Stagecoach citi 6 to Serpentine Green, Hampton HargateAcland Street Bay 3 (previously Queensgate Bay 8)
Stagecoach 23/24 to Lynch WoodAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 15)
Stagecoach 31 to Whittlesey, RamseyAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 6)
Stagecoach 33 to Whittlesey, Coates, MarchAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 6)
Stagecoach 36 to Eye, ThorneyAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 16)
Stagecoach 37 to Eye, Crowland, SpaldingAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 16)
Stagecoach 46 to Stilton, SawtryAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 8)
Stagecoach 60 to Stanground, Hampton, Orton NorthgateAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 7)
Stagecoach 61 to Fengate, Newark Sainsbury'sAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 11)
Stagecoach 62 to Newborough, MaxeyAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 14)
Stagecoach 63 to Newark, Parnwell Keys ParkAcland Street Bay 1 (previously Queensgate Bay 11)
Stagecoach B to Sawtry, Huntingdon, CambridgeAcland Street Bay 3 (previously Queensgate Bay 8)
Stagecoach X4 to Oundle, Corby, Kettering, NorthamptonQueensgate Bay 9 (previously Bay 15)
First Excel A/B/C to Wisbech, Kings Lynn, NorwichQueensgate Bay 10 (unchanged)
Centrebus R47 to Wansford, Uppingham, OakhamQueensgate Bay 9 (unchanged)
Delaine 101/2 to Glinton, Market Deeping, BourneQueensgate Bay 4 (unchanged)
Delaine 201/2 to Helpston, Barnack, StamfordQueensgate Bay 9 (unchanged)
Buckby's 206 to Thrapston, Burton Latimer (Thursdays)Queensgate Bay 8 (unchanged)
Dews 415 to Folksworth, Woodwalton, Upwood (Wednesdays)Queensgate Bay 8 (unchanged)
Diamond 203 to Thrapston, Rushden, Irchester (monthly)Queensgate Bay 10 (previously Bay 17)
Shaws 306 to Newborough, Peakirk (Wednesdays) Queensgate Bay 10 (previously Bay 16)
Call Connect servicesQueensgate Bay 9 (previously Bay 20)
Villager MinibusQueensgate Bay 9 (unchanged)
National Express services (daytime)Acland Street Bay 5/6 (previously Queensgate Bay 18/19)
National Express services (2325 arrival, 0200, 0225 departures)Queensgate Bay 10 (previously Bay 18/19)