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A simple guide to principal bus services from and to Peterborough in north Cambridgeshire, England.

Click on Country Services or City Services on the left hand side for a list of destinations included.

Latest update: June 22nd, 2000.

I hope to go "live" with this site by the end of the year. In the meantime, feel free to look at and use the sample pages provided. This is a personal project undertaken in my spare time, and the emphasis will be on showing accurate and up to date information -- fancy graphics and clever features will have to wait.

Note that there is no comprehensive printed timetable for Peterborough. Although individual Stagecoach Viscount leaflets are readily available from the bus station, timetables for other operators' services can be hard to come by, and you often need a whole collection of different leaflets to get the full picture. Where possible I am showing all departures to one destination in the same listing, so that all relevant information is in one place.

All services are liable to alteration on public holidays.

Information cannot be guaranteed, and neither the operators nor local authorities have any official involvement with this site.

Your comments are welcome - please e-mail Brendan Fox at Brendan@foxpeterborough.fsnet.co.uk.

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