Easy-to-use bus timetables for Peterborough, England. Choose between simple lists of departures under DESTINATIONS or the operators' more detailed pdf timetables under ROUTES. Other features include Maps and details of Day Tickets. This enthusiast-run website has been serving Peterborough since 2000.

Bus and rail travel is SAFE and environmentally friendly, but remember to wear your face covering, unless exempt.

LATEST CHANGES 04/09/2021 (see News): The timings for Vectare 47 (replacing Centrebus) are now available. Citi 1 to 6, also 904 were revised from August 29th; Citi 5 now extends to Amazon - all information on this site has been updated.


  • Peterborough's Queensgate Bus Station

  • Orbital route 29 - use it or lose it! Photo: Adam Marlow

  • The annual Fenland BusFest event

  • PBT sponsors Peterborough's Lamphouse Theatre


These simple Destination timetables are specially produced for this website, listing all bus departures between Peterborough City Centre and major points, even where a location may be served by more than one route or operator. Any changes to timetables are notified on the News page, and major changes are also mentioned on Facebook.


If the Destination timetables don't meet your needs, here you can find the operators' own detailed Route timetables from their websites. Fine if you know the route number you need or if your journey is not to or from Peterborough City Centre. Or maybe you just want to get an overall view of the timetable.  Photo: Adam Marlow


Delaine Bus Museum - second Saturday of the month until October 9th, includes heritage bus ride at 1330. Delaine Heritage Trust bus running day - Saturday 25th September 2021 with free buses on two routes. Buses Festival 2022 at East of England Showground Sunday August 7th, 2022 with free bus from Peterborough Station.